The Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers (AFRDS)
The Association of Fund-Raising Distributors & Suppliers (AFRDS)


Return on Your Investment

AFRDS is committed to offering programs and services that help its members to succeed in business and develop as professionals. The following are some of the reasons why top companies in product fundraising join AFRDS:

Annual Trade Shows
AFRDS provides a business forum for suppliers and distributors by organizing, promoting and operating the only trade shows exclusively serving the product fundraising industry. The national AFRDS Convention and Trade Show – held every January – is the industry’s premiere event. All supplier members are required to exhibit at the Convention & Trade Show, ensuring that distributor attendees will be exposed to the widest variety of quality fundraising products, programs and services available.

Educational Programs
AFRDS helps members increase sales, enhance expertise and improve skills by sponsoring stimulating seminars, workshops and meetings that address topics such as sales, marketing, management and business operations. These programs are conducted each year at the national convention and trade show and supplemented by brochures, articles and other materials distributed throughout the year.

Exclusive, Timely Information
AFRDS keeps members informed of, and prepared for, important issues, trends and events affecting the product fundraising industry. The association’s award-winning AFRDS Advisor newsletter is distributed quarterly and supplemented by frequent member bulletins. Industry surveys and the association’s work with national educational organizations provide AFRDS members with information about their industry and their customers that is available from no other source.

AFRDS is the most-recognized source of information about product fundraising. Thousands of non-profit group leaders and influentials, school principals, educators, parent organizations, educational organizations, student group advisors and others look to AFRDS for information to help them conduct successful fundraisers. AFRDS informational brochures and a nationally recognized newsletter, The Fundraising Edge, have established credibility for the association and its members. AFRDS is an important mark of professionalism for sponsors seeking to hire a fundraising company. Member companies frequently distribute AFRDS materials themselves as a value-added service to customers.

Industry Leadership
AFRDS provides the industry with active leadership on important issues. The association provides consulting services, researches and reports, prepares position papers and statements, appears before regulatory and legislative bodies and, in some cases, offers financial assistance to support efforts that benefit the entire industry.

Business Opportunities
AFRDS furnishes -- through national meetings, committee participation, social events and other means -- a forum to discuss issues affecting the industry, as well as an opportunity for members to network, share information and exchange ideas. The association’s industry advertising, public relations and referral programs also support individual member marketing efforts.

Membership Directory
AFRDS members receive an annual membership directory which is updated throughout the year in the AFRDS Advisor. This confidential and valuable resource lists the most successful and influential companies in the industry.

Other Privileges
In addition to accessing the above members-only benefits, AFRDS membership includes a variety of privileges. These include membership pins and cards, use of the AFRDS logo on member company materials, discounts on travel and shipping and more!


Association of Fund-Raising Distributors and Suppliers (AFRDS)